Иллюзионист Антон Козлов
Magician Anton Kozlov
тел./phone: +7-9137533346    e-mail:merlinmagic@mail.ru

Иллюзионист Антон Козлов

Magician Anton Kozlov

тел./phone: +7-9137533346    e-mail:merlinmagic@mail.ru


 The illusion-revue " Season of miracles " is the entertaining stage magic show.
It was produced by the graduate of the Kemerovo state institute of culture (specialization - producer of big holidays and performances), a member of the Moscow magic club Anton Kozlov (Novosibirsk, Russia).

Since 1994 time and again the magic show went on tour in many cities of Ural region, Siberia and the Far East. Separate acts of the show took part in many festivals and greater celebratory actions in Russia and abroad: 850-years anniversary of Moscow (1997), elites-party " Night in an opera " in Novosibirsk (1998), 400 anniversary of Tomsk (2004), 2-nd International festival of illusionists in Gdynia (Poland, 2001), 2-nd International magic day in Luxembourg (2002), festival " Dubai summer surprises " (the United Arab Emirates, 2003), festival "Eid-Al-Fitr" (Qatar, 2005), winter festival in Muscat (Oman, 2009), 11-th International festival of street magic in St.Wendel (Germany, 2011), the biggest cultural festival in Europe "Gentse Feesten" (Belgium, 2015) and many others. Especially it is necessary to note 688 solo magic shows which were performed by Anton on a stage of magic theatre in Seoul (Korea, 2008). He was the participant of the 24-th, 25-th, 26-th and 27-th World championships of magic FISM in Beijing (China) in 2009 , Blackpool (Great Britain) in 2012 , Rimini (Italy) in 2015  and Busan (Korea) in 2018 , where the best world magicians have gathered.

Every year illusion-revue " Season of miracles " is updated. New tricks and acts is adding to the magic show. The spectators take an active part in many trick of the illusion-revue. "Levitation" is one of the central act in the program. It is classic of magic. One of the spectators (child or adult) has an opportunity to levitate freely.

No less interesting trick is " Sawing the spectator ". It is performed without any boxes closing the spectator. The saw in hands of medieval wizard Merlina freely passes through the spectator, leaving his the whole and safe. This trick was performed on skates in programm of ballet-circus show on ice "Spring" in China in 2006 and in programm of Moscow circus on ice in France in 2009.

It's very interesting for the spectators to look at author's act " Passage of the person through a mirror in a thin frame". Performers Natalia Tchizhova and Anton Kozlov were awarded with a prize " For the best trick in stage magic " at open competition of Moscow magic club in 2002 for this trick and 3-d place at International congress of illusionist in Lodz (Poland) in 2005.

Actors have also act with cards in the show. The jumbo size of cards well allow spectators to see them even from big distance. Quickly and easily act in a suit of the clown enables to come into contact with the spectators.

The spectators have easy exitement during performance of tricks " A neck is piersed by sword " and " Decapitation ". In "Decapitation" head of the volunteer is piersed from different sides by daggers and simultaneously is burnt. The happy endings of these trick cause the facilitated sighes and ...an applause of public.

Especially the spectators mark act in east style with magic pialas (east tea-cups) and a flying table. For this act Anton Kozlov was awarded with the honourable diploma of 7-th International festival in Prague (2001) and awarded with a rank of the winner of 26-th International congress of illusionist in Lodz (Poland) in 2004.

Also Anton can offer you close up magic show with small items (cards, coins, bills and etc). Such close up magic show performs with a lot of jokes of magician and roars of laughter of audience. Anton has the diploma of the winner of 2-nd degree of the open competition of the Moscow magic club 2006 on micromagics and 2 place in a category "Microillusion" of 29-th International competition of illusionists in Lodz (Poland) in 2007 .

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